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On July 30, 2018, Life Care Center of Blount County in Louisville, Tennessee, held a fun and unique fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc. – a farmer’s market!


Many associates and family members donated produce, flowers and crafts for the market, and the activities department set up in the lobby and sold the items. From squash, zucchini and tomatoes to fresh berries to hand-carved wood pieces made by the father of one of the therapists, there was plenty to interest everyone.


The market raised more than $1,400 for the facility’s Alzheimer’s Tennessee walk team.


“One of our patients told me how wonderful the market was because it gave her an opportunity to shop around, which was her favorite hobby,” said Blakely Hughes, activity director. “She said it’s been a long time since she has been able to go shopping. Any time we can provide a good memory for one of our patients makes it a great event for all of us.”

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