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On April 9, 2019, Life Care Center of Blount County in Louisville, Tennessee, held a memorial service honoring the memory of Mary Ann Westphal, an activity assistant.


Westphal died in an accident while she and her husband, Rick, were working on their property. Rick is a maintenance assistant at the facility. The couple previously worked at Life Care Center of Orlando, Florida, and were traveling in Tennessee when they stopped by to see the new building when it was just opening. They fell in love with the area and transferred to Life Care Center of Blount County in 2016.


More than 50 associates, patients and guests attended the memorial service. Drew Kimsey, director of rehab, conducted the service and read comments from several people about their memories of Mary Ann.


“Mary Ann was a joy to work with,” said Blakely Hughes, activity director. “She had a servant's heart, and it showed in everything that she did. She went out of her way to meet the needs of all of our patients. She is missed by everyone at the facility and has left a void in our hearts.”


Abigail Holliday, executive director, added, “Mary Ann was a bright spot in everyone’s life. She was full of energy and loved everyone she came in contact with. She was able to engage patients who were reluctant to participate in activities and made them feel included in everything that was going on. Life Care Center of Blount County was lucky to have Mary Ann as one of our own.”


The facility renamed its ice cream parlor Café Mary Ann. Outside the parlor, associates hung a plaque in her honor.

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