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On Wednesday, September 19, Life Care Center of Blount County in Louisville, Tennessee took its residents to Cruze Farm located near downtown Knoxville.


The outing was filled with good conversation, full stomachs and smiles! It was a perfect day for ice cream with a sunny sky and temperatures reaching into the 80s.


Cruze Farm Dairy has been around for more than 40 years. The milk comes from Jersey cows that live on land that has been in the Cruze family for decades.


The Cruze family recently renovated a Victorian house that now serves as an ice cream parlor. Dubbed the Ice Cream Home by the family, it has a unique 1950s vintage aesthetic. Staff, called farm girls, wear red and white gingham dresses, red bandanas in their hair and bright red lipstick.


The soft-serve ice cream has flavors ranging from classic vanilla and chocolate all the way to honey lavender. Residents ordered an assortment of cones, milkshakes and floats. They enjoyed their ice cream in the comfort and air conditioning of the beautifully renovated house. The residents laughed and told stories about their past and enjoyed the company of other residents and associates. 


“The residents had so much fun they did not want to get back on the bus,” said Blakely Hughes, activity director. “The whole bus ride back everyone talked about how fresh and creamy the ice cream was, and that we have to go back in the future.”

A few residents even told their family members about it so that they could take their whole family out! Cruze Farm’s slogan is “Party ‘til the Cows Come Home,” which residents felt like they honored until the end of the day.

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